Why do people move to wildly tamed salons? For maintenance on appearance, to rediscover yourself, to feel more confident and just to cheer yourself up. Whatever your reason, you’ll be able to meet your needs with specialists here.

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Services Offered by Wildly Tamed Salon

  • Hair cut
  • Hair color
  • Hair Essential
  • Hair Style & Design
  • Highlight
  • Balayage

About Wildly Tamed Salon

One of their services is haircuts. The structure of hair is rich: half carbon, a bit oxygen, magnesium and even a bit gold as a component of our hair. The hair design itself could be a real gift. The hairstylist here can facilitate your choose the haircut that appears best.

Wildly Tamed Salon is found in l. a. , CA 90013, 400 S Main St ste 6A. to induce a briefing, call +1 (818) 821-08-81 during office hours.


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