They specialise in creating dreadlocks for various textures and hair types. They only utilise organic ingredients. Their main goal is to grow healthy, natural hair. They use 100% human hair to create personalised dreadlock extensions. Together with barbering, hair & dreadlock extensions & removal, Custom Loc styles, fast & efficient service, and starter, crotchet, interlock, and palm roll Re-twist services.

For greater comfort, privacy, and relaxation during your hair appointments, the salon offers a First Class experience that includes free food and beverages, WiFi, and entertainment from their Master loctician Chani. Come see them; they welcome you! They are the greatest and provide the highest calibre services. We welcome you and your family!

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Services Offered by The Dreadlocks Salon

  • Hair Extension Services
  • Coloring Services
  • Products for Sale
  • Hairstyling Services
  • Hair Treatment Services

The Dreadlocks Salon Prices

Hair Services

Palm Roll Retwist$95
Add a style+$25
Add Barber Line Up+$25 and up
New Locks/Instant Locks/Crochetmin $400
Loc Extensions Uchenna Method/Crochetmin $500
Interlock Maintenance$175
Loc Repair$5-$15 per Loc

About The Dreadlocks Salon

They provide extensive dreadlock style and dyeing services as Oakland’s top dreadlock salon. They offer a range of services, including loc detoxifying, loc colouring, and dreadlock style, as well as new crochet maintenance, starting consultation, and interlock maintenance.

In Oakland, California, their team of loc stylists offers the finest level of natural dreadlock colouring and style services while ensuring the ultimate client pleasure. Visit the top Dreadlock Salon loc extensions hair salon to breathe new life into your locs. salon for natural hair Natural hair stylist with a passion for hair twists.

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