By bringing the traditional local barbershop into the modern age, Fellow Barber started a barbershop renaissance. Fellow Barber makes a premium experience affordable and turns a chore into a fun activity by providing top-notch haircuts in a friendly setting. Simple online, telephone, and SMS booking.

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Services Offered by Fellow Barber

  • Hair cut
  • Hair services
  • Beard trim
  • trim
  • shave

About Fellow Barber

When they originally began, there was no such thing as “modern barber culture,” so they had to make their own shop. In New York City in 2006, there were only two places to get a haircut: either schedule an appointment at a salon and pay $90 or more, or go to the nearest barbershop and pay an average of $12 for a small selection of haircut styles of variable quality.

With a comfortable walk-in wait list and a $40 price range, they aimed to offer a barbering service with an elevated and contemporary sense of style.


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