Angelique Touch Hair Studio offers their clients a replacement beauty parlor experience. Beauty treatments may be really life-changing, quite just improving the looks. it is a reasonably mindfulness therapy: it enables you to specialise in your perception and just feel deceased.

One of their services is haircuts. In addition to the haircut – a chat and tips. Your stylist will hopefully tell you about your routine, how you style it, what care products you adjust to.

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Services Offered by Angelic Touch Hair Studio

  • Hair Color and Other
  • Hair Partial Highlight and Other
  • Hair Highlight and Other
  • Shampoo
  • Haircuts and Other
  • Hair Treatments and Relaxers
  • Makeup
  • Natural Hair/Locs
  • Wedding Packages
  • Wedding Hair Add-ons
  • Weaves & Extensions
  • Service Consultation

Angelic Touch Hair Studio Prices

Angelic Touch Hair Studio Hair Color and Other

Demi Color$30.00
Single Process & Style$100.00
Double Process Color & Style$150.00
Color Retouch (Single Process)$60.00
Color Retouch (Double process)$75.00
Partial Highlights & Style$100.00
Full Highlight/Balayage & Style$150.00

Shampoo Services

Services Prices
Shampoo & Blow dry$30.00
Shampoo & Style$65.00
Shampoo, Cut & Style$75.00
Shampoo, Deep Condition & Style$75.0
Children's Shampoo & Style$55.00
Rod Set/Roller Set$60.00
Flexi Rod Set$70.00

Nail Services

Children's Trim$10.00

Hair Treatments and Relaxers services

Relaxer Virgin$95.00
Relaxer Retouch$75.00
Partial Relaxer$65.00
Texturizer & Style$65.00
Hot Oil Treatment$15.00
Protein Treatment$20.00
Moisturizing Treatment$10.00

Angelic Touch Hair Studio Braids services

Crochet Styles$70.00
Large Knotless Box Braids$125.00
Medium Knotless Box Braids$150.00
Small Knotless Box Braids$200.00
Feed In Braids$70.00
Cornrow Braids$55.00
Fulani braids$100.00
Extension Removal/Braid take down$25.00
Rope Twists$150.00
Passion Twists$115.00
Children's Feed In Braids$60.00
Children's Braids (without extentions)$50.00
Children's Crochet$60.00
Children's Small Knotless Braids$100.00
Children's Medium Knotless braids$80.00
Children's Large Knotless Braids$70.00
Extended Butt length braids$50.00
Extended Knee Length braids$75.00

Makeup Services

Full Face Makeover$55.00
Full Face Makover with Lashes$65.00
Glitter Add on$5.00
Bridal Make-Up$140.00
Bridal Party Makeup$205.00

Natural Hair/Locs services

Starter Locs$90.00
Loc Retwist$75.00
Loc Highlights$45.00
Children's Starter Locs$60.00
Children's Loc Retwist$50.00
Loc Retwist & Style$100.00
Children's Loc Retwist & Style$75.00

Wedding Hair Add-ons services

Hair Curled & Styled$65.00
Updo Style$80.00
Partial Updo Style$75.00
Hair Trial Run$70.00

Wedding Hair Add-ons services

Hair Curled & Styled$65.00
Updo Style$80.00
Partial Updo Style$75.00
Hair Trial Run$70.00

Weaves & Extentions services

Sleek Ponytail$70.00
Traditional Sew In$150.00
Closure Sew in$135.00
Sew in Flat iron/Curling iron Only$25.00
Wig install$65.00

About Angelic Touch Hair Studio

In addition, you can come here for makeup. Users seem happy to visit Angelic Touch Hair Studio. Angelic Touch Hair Studio is located at Huntsville, AL 35816, 1605 Pulaski Pike NW UNIT 1/2.

To set an appointment, call +1 (205) 496-57-59 during office hours


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