They provide hair care needs for men and ladies and youngsters within the medical district.

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Services Offered by Carmen Salon

  • Haircuts and Other
  • Hair Color and Other
  • Hair Touch-up and Other
  • Hair Highlight and Other
  • Barbering
  • Waxing

Carmen Salon Prices

Haircuts and Other

Women's Haircut$40.00
Women's Blow-Dry$35.00
Men's HaircutStarting at $25.00
Women's Haircut & Blow-DryStarting at $55.00
Women's Styling With Flat-Curling Iron$40.00
Relaxer - Keratin TreatmentStarting at $200.00
Child's HaircutStarting at $22.00
Special Occasions / Up-Dos$55.00
Conditioning Treatment$15.00
Perm and Haircut$95.00
Perm and Blow-Dry$120.00
Perm, Haircut and Blow-Dry$120.00
Perm, Haircut and Flat/Curling Iron$195.00
Beard Trim$10.00

Hair Color and Other

Color and Haircut$95.00
Color and Blow-Dry$85.00
Color, Haircut and Blow-DryStarting at $105.00
Color and Full Highlight$120.00
Color, Full Highlight and Blow-DryStarting at $140.00
Color, Full Highlight, Haircut and Blow-Dry$165.00
Color and Partial Highlight$110.00
Color, Partial Highlight and Haircut$90.00
Color, Partial Highlight and Blow-Dry$120.00
Color, Partial Highlight, Haircut and Blow-Dry$165.00
Color, Partial Highlight, Haircut and Flat/Curling Iron$180.00
Color Correction$120.00
ColorStarting at $60.00

Hair Touch-up and Other

Touch-up and Blow-Dry$75.00
Touch-up, Haircut and Blow-Dry$105.00
Partial Highlight and Haircut$75.00
Partial Highlight and Blow-Dry$75.00
Partial Highlight, Haircut and Blow-Dry$105.00
Partial Highlight, Haircut and Flat/Curling Iron$90.00
Partial Highlight, Touch-Up and Cut$120.00
Partial Highlight, Touch-Up and Blow-Dry$120.00
Partial Highlight, Touch-Up and Flat/Curling Iron$135.00
Partial Highlight, Touch-Up, Haircut and Blow-Dry$150.00
Partial Highlight, Touch-Up, Haircut and Flat/Curling$165.00

Hair Highlight and Other

Highlight and Blow-Dry$105.00
Highlight, Haircut and Blow-Dry$120.00
Highlight, Haircut and Flat/Curling Iron$130.00
Highlight, Touch-Up and Haircut$150.00
Highlight, Touch-Up and Blow Dry$135.00
Highlight, Touch-Up and Flat/Curling Iron$150.00
Highlight, Touch-Up, Haircut and Blow-DryStarting at $180.00
Highlight, Touch-Up, Haircut and Flat/Curling Iron$195.00
Highlight, Touch-Up, Haircut and Thermal Press$90.00

Carmen Salon Waxing

Brow Shaping$20.00
Lip and Chin$15.00


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