At Forever Crowned thay believe that healthy hair is extremely main. They have several experts which include but are not limited to; locs, tender headed customer, alopecia, and changeover from processed hair to natural. They operate in brilliance to insure that our customers are happy with their image.

They also work with international adoptive/foster-care families to insure that parents are aware of best practices for the hair care of their children.

Forever Crowned Saloon is perform to training its staff well – they inspire their staff to continually improve their skills through continuous education and training all over their careers.

Services Offerd by Forever Crowned Hair Salon

  • Basic Maintenance
  • Extras
  • Locs
  • Natural Styles
  • Braids and Twists
  • Extensions
  • Hair Replacement
  • Eyelash and Brow Extensions / Tinting
  • Haircuts and Other
  • Hair Color and Other
  • Hair Partial Highlight and Other
  • Hair Highlight and Other
  • Waxing
  • Brows
  • Lashes
  • Men’s
  • Raffle Tickets
  • Card Taxes & Late Fees

Forever Crowned Hair Salon Prices

Forever Crowned Hair Salon Basic Maintenance

Silk press & curl$85.00
Women’s Haircut$20.00
Rod Set$80.00
Roller Set$75.00
DetangleStarting at $20.00
Silk Press$70.00
Relaxer Retouch$80.00
Virgin Relaxer$125.00
Shampoo, Conditioner, Blowdry$35.00
Full head highlights/blowout$150.00
Half head highlights$150.00
Partial hair/color$100.00
Basic facial$45.00
Chin hair removal$10.00

Forever Crowned Hair Salon Extras Services

Scalp treatment$20.00
Deep Conditioner$15.00
Take Down$20.00
Steam Treatment$10.00
Model special$40.00

Forever Crowned Hair Salon Locs Services

Services Prices
Loc Consultation$15.00
Loc detox$30.00
Micro loc twist$150.00
Loc MaintenancePalm roll-$70.00
Loc - Interloc$120.00
Locs Palmroll & Style$90.00
Loc Interloc and Style$130.00
Loc Retwist & Style- Individual Braids$95.00
Loc Retwist & Style-Curl Set$100.00
Loc Retwist & Style-Rope Twist$95.00
Loc Retwist and Loc Petals$30.00
Locs - Style$20.00
Loc Defrizz- trim methodStarting at $20.00
Locs Extensions$600.00
Full head loc coloring$200.00
Instant loc extensions$1100.00
Loc Color- Tips$85.00

About Forever Crowned Hair Salon

The Forever Crowd Salon’s customer are happy with them services. They are create every hair cut, hair color perfect.

If you are the new for this salon you can visit and take your own decision about salon.



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