Why do people go to luxury folk natural hair salons? To take care of your appearance, to rediscover yourself, to gain more self-confidence and just to cheer yourself up. Whatever your purpose, you can find what you are looking for with a beautician here.

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Services Offered by Luxury Locs Natural Hair Salon

  • Hair Style
  • Retwist and shampoo
  • Locs
  • Hair Color

Luxury Locs Natural Hair Salon Prices

Luxury Locs Natural Hair Salon Services

Style—- Rope twist (long locs)$20.00
Style--- Simple$10.00
Style- Rope twist (length hair----- above/pass shoulder)$15.00
Style- ---Barrell Roll$10.00
Style ------Loc Style Only$30.00
Starter Locs (Traditional)$110.00
Sisterlocks Consultation$50.00
SisterlocksPrice varies
Retwist and shampoo (long locs—— Pass back bone)$110.00
Retwist and shampoo (long locs—— back bone)$95.00
Re-twist and shampoo (above shoulder)$65.00
Re-twist and shampoo (SMALL Locs) on shoulder$95.00
Re-twist and shampoo (SMALL Locs) above shoulder$85.00
Re-twist and shampoo (hair on/passed shoulder)$75.00
Re-twist and shampoo (EX-SMALL Locs)Price varies
No Show Fee$25.00
Micro Loc --RetighteningPrice varies
Locs reattachment$7.00
Kids Starter Locs$75.00
Interlocking w/ shampoo (small locs)Price varies
Interlocking w/ shampoo (shoulder)Price varies
Interlocking w/ shampoo (Long locs)$130.00
Interlocking w/ shampoo (above shoulder)Price varies
Color Tips (two colors)$80.00
Color Tips (one color only)$50.00
Color Services (one color)$95.00
Color Retouch$35.00
Adult Small Starter Locs$125.00

About Luxury Locs Natural Hair Salon

Here is that the hairdresser. Hair texture is gorgeous: 50 percent carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, and you’ll find even a touch gold in human hair as alittle appearance. The hair design itself could be a real gift. The hairdresser of this place can facilitate your choose the hairstyle to indicate you the simplest light.

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Luxury Locs Natural Hair Salon is found in Huntsville, AL 35816, 1630 Pulaski Pike NW Suite B. to form a briefing, call +1 (256) 279-99-75 during office hours.

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