Bora Beauty Salon lets its customers experience the new salon. Beauty procedures can really change lives, it’s not just about makeover. They enable you to practice self-esteem and reduce stress.

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Services Offered by Bora Beauty Salon

  • Hair Service
  • Makeup
  • Balayge Services
  • Eye makeup

About Bora Beauty Salon

One of their services is haircuts. Hair content is rich: for the most part made up of carbon, 21 percent oxygen, sulfur and gold are also represented in the hair structure. The hair material itself is a perfect gift. The hairdresser at this location can help you get a haircut to show off in the best light.

Bora Beauty Salon is located in Los Angeles, CA 90006, 1101 S Vermont Ave # 108. To set an appointment, call +1 (213) 387-77-55 during working hours.


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