The European Wax Center lets its customers get a new beauty salon experience. Beauty procedures can be truly life-changing, more than just improving the appearance. It’s a way to study self-esteem and reduce stress.

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Services Offered by European Wax Center

  • Arm Waxing
  • Bikini Waxing
  • Chest Waxing
  • Eyebrow Waxing
  • Full Face Waxing
  • Lip Waxing
  • Men’s Waxing
  • Stomach Waxing
  • Women’s Waxing
  • Back Waxing
  • Brazilian Waxing
  • Chin Waxing
  • Full Body Waxing
  • Leg Waxing
  • Lower Back Waxing
  • Nose Hair Waxing
  • Underarm Waxing

European Wax Center Prices

European Wax Center Services

Line Bikini starting at $39
Brazilian Bikinistarting at $56
Full Bikinistarting at $47
Cheeksstarting at $15
Chinstarting at $13
Earsstarting at $16
Eyebrowsstarting at $21
Lipsstarting at $12
Neckstarting at $15
Nosestarting at $16
Sideburnsstarting at $15
Full Face starting at $59
Upper Backstarting at $27
Mid Backstarting at $26
Lower Backstarting at $22
Full Backstarting at $63
Strip Cheststarting at $23
Full Cheststarting at $33
Shouldersstarting at $26
Toesstarting at $16
Underarmsstarting at $24
Handsstarting at $16
Half Armsstarting at $38
Full Armsstarting at $42
Lower Legsstarting at $42
Upper Legs starting at $47
Full Legs starting at $75
Strip Stomachstarting at $17
Full Stomachstarting at $33

About European Wax Center

One of their services is epilation. The beauticians here are trained to give you a safe experience with minimal discomfort.

In addition, at this location, you can find spa services, eyebrow shaping and coloring, makeup and skin treatments.

To learn more about the salon, you can visit European Wax Center Los Angeles, CA 90017, 719 W 7th St. Lies in. To schedule an appointment, call +1 (213) 262-28-44 during business hours.


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