Why do people head to Jolof Hair Salon? for normal care of appearance, to rediscover yourself, to achieve more self-confidence and just to enjoy. Whatever takes you to the salon, you’ll be able to meet your needs with an esthetician here.

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Services Offered by Jolof Hair Salon

  • Hair Extension Services
  • Updo Hairstyles

Jolof Hair Salon Prices

Natural Hair Services

Comb Twists$95
Two Strand Twists$95
Retwist Locs$75
Flat Twists$90
Sisterlocs or Straw Set$95
Twist Set$95
Chemical Locs$300
Retwist Flat Top$75 and up
Retwist Full Head$80 and up
Twostrand Half Head$75and up
Two Strands Full Head$95 and up
Comb Twist Half Have$75 and up
Comb Twist Full Head$95 and up
Flat twist$95 and up
Natural Hair Cornrows$30 and up

Hair Extension Services

Extension Braids$180 and up
Kinky Twist$180 and up
Senegalese Twist$200 and up
Extension Locs$300 and up
Extension Cornrows$100 and up
Weaving$200 and up
Goddess Braids$25 a piece
Extension LocksStarted 350 and up
Start Locs Half Head$100 and up
Start Locs Full Head$140 and up
Platts Half Head$75 and up
Platts Half Head$95 and up

Dread style Services

Braided back$20
Two Shrimp Style$50
Two Shrimp upStyle$30 and up
Bell Roll to the Back$20 and up
Updo$30 and up
Curl$50 and up
Two Strand Twist Style$50 and up
Four Strands Style$30 and up

Extension Cornrows Services

2 cornrows$50
4 cornrows$65and up
6 Cornrows$85
8 Cornrows$100
Two rows cornrows$160 and up
Box Braids the Back Cornrows Front$180 and up
Updo$120 and up
Half Head$75 and up
Full Head$100 and up
Sister Locs Maintenance$60 per hour

Extension Twist Services

Kinky Twist$150 and up
Havana Twist$180 and up
Senegalese Twist$180 and up
Passion Twist$180 and up

Box Braids Services

Box Braids$150 and up
Box Braids Knotless$190 and up
Faux Loc$350 and up
Goddess Locs$350 and up
Goddess Faux Locs$400 and crochet
Individuals crochet Loc$260
Crochet faux locks$180
Butterfly Locs$200 and up
Weave$200 and up

About Jolof Hair Salon

Here is that the hairstylist. additionally to working with scissors – a talk and a few advice. Your hairstylist are happy if you tell them everything you’re thinking that is very important, how you handle styling, what styling products you apply.

Also, during this salon, you’ll get hair extensions.

For more information about the salon, you’ll visit Jolof Hair Salon is found in l. a. , CA 90019, 1017 S La Brea Ave. to line a meeting, call +1 (213) 536-35-66 during working hours.


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