Lionel Renard Hair Salon offers its customers a new beauty salon experience. Beauty treatments can be really life-changing, it’s not just about hair and skin rejuvenation. It’s a way to study self-esteem and reduce stress.

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Services Offered by Lionel Renard Hair Salon

  • Blow-dry
  • haircut
  • Single process
  • highlight
  • Balayage
  • face frame
  • Toner
  • Keratin treatment
  • Makeup

Lionel Renard Hair Salon Prices

Lionel Renard Hair Salon Services

Blowdry$75 +
Women's haircut$ 175 +
Men's haircut$ 100 +
Children haircut$ 65 +
Single process$ 100 +
Double process$ 175 +
Full highlight$ 350 +
Partial highlight$ 250 +
Full Balayage$ 350 +
Partial Balayage$ 250 +
face frame$ 85 +
Toner$ 75 +
5 Step Conditioning$ 75 +
Deep Conditioning$ 55 +
Keratin treatment$ 350 +
Makeup$ 100 +

About Lionel Renard Hair Salon

One of their services is haircuts. In addition to the haircut – a chat and some advice. You’ll want to let your hairdresser know what you like, how you style it, and what treatment products you use.

In addition, you can come here for makeup.

To learn more about the salon, you can visit Lionel Renard Hair Salon Los Angeles, CA 90048, 8113 W 3rd St. To set an appointment in, call +1 (323) 782-13-97 during working hours.


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