18/8 Fine Men’s Salons — 4S San Diego offers their clients a new salon experience. Beauty treatments can be life-changing, they do more than improve appearance. It’s a way to practice self-love and reduce stress.

Among other things they offer massages. Do you want your mind to be free from worries and your body to feel renewed? People come here to relax. Massaging this area can help reduce stress hormones, pain or tension headaches. Conversely, massage can promote balance, feelings of well-being, or exercise performance. Massage can also help put your body into strengthening mode. You will feel refreshed, ready to tackle any task.

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Services Offered by 18/8 Fine Men's Salons - 4S San Diego

  • Head Shave
  • Kids’ Haircuts
  • Neck Trim
  • Hot Lather Shave
  • Line Up Haircut
  • Shampoo & Conditioner

About 18/8 Fine Men's Salons - 4S San Diego

Notice! If you have any health problems, ask your doctor before scheduling an appointment.

Additionally, the location offers eyebrow shaping and tinting, skin care, manicures, haircuts, and epilation.

To know more about this place, you can browse 18/8 Fine Men’s Salons — 4S San Diego, San Diego, CA 92127, located at 10543 4S Commons Dr Ste #176. To make an appointment, call +1 (858) 914-54-18 during business hours.


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