Why do people head to Balboa salons? for normal maintenance of appearance, to rediscover yourself, to explode confidence and just to cheer yourself up. Whatever your purpose, you’ll meet your needs with a beautician here.

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Services Offered by Balboa Salon

  • Virtual Consultations

About Balboa Salon

Here you’ll be able to do makeup. Is there an enormous date or other special event coming up? You don’t must have a look at tips and tricks and nervously buy groceries for brand spanking new false eyelashes or highlighter. you’ll be able to trust the beautician and save the hassle.

In addition, the salon offers permanent makeup, haircuts, eyelash extensions and waxing.

To learn more about the salon, you’ll be able to visit Balboa Salon is found in city, CA 92111, 5929 Balboa Ave. to line a meeting, call +1 (858) 278-07-99 during business hours.


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