STERLINGS SALON & BARBER CO. Letting their customers experience a new salon. Beauty treatments can be truly life-changing, not limited to makeovers. It’s a kind of meditation therapy: you focus on your senses and just being taken care of.

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Services Offered by STERLINGS Salon & Barber Co

  • Beards & Mustaches
  • Bridal Services
  • Coloring Services
  • Kids’ Haircuts
  • Women’s Haircuts
  • Blowout Services
  • Eyelash Services
  • Hairstyling Services
  • Men’s Haircuts

STERLINGS Salon & Barber Co Prices

Men's Hair Services

STERLINGS Men's Cut$44
STELLAR Men’s Package$51.5
Camo Color$31.5
Buzz Cut$33.5
STELLAR Buzz Cut$41
STELLAR Beard Trim$25
Kids Cut$33.5
Shave Royale$60
Eyebrow or Lip$16.5

Women's Services

STERLINGS Women’s Cut$63.5
STELLAR Women’s Package$78
Shampoo & Blowout$52.5
STERLINGS Retouch$93
STERLINGS Gloss (Short Hair)$96.5
STERLINGS Gloss (Long Hair)$107
STERLINGS All Over Color (Short Hair)$118
STERLINGS All Over Color (Long Hair)$145
STERLINGS Highlights (Partial)$129
STERLINGS Highlights (Full)$177
Eyebrow Or Lip$16.5
Full Face$27

About STERLINGS Salon & Barber Co

Every man needs a regular barber. You can find one here. People don’t come here for the sole purpose of getting a new haircut and beard trim. It is a place where you can relax and leave your job for a while.

To know more about this place, you can browse STERLINGS SALON & BARBER CO. Located at 501 W Broadway Suite 105, San Diego, CA 92101. To set up an appointment, call +1 (858) 848-76-22 during office hours.


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