Suki Day Spa allows their customers to own a replacement salon experience. Beauty treatments will be truly life-changing, not limited to improving appearance. it is a reasonably body-based therapy: making you specialise in your feelings and just feel comfortable.

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Services Offered by Suki Day Spa

  • Massages
  • Waxing
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Eyelash Extension

Suki Day Spa Prices

Massages Services

Neck & Shoulder (10 Minutes / 20 Minutes)$20 / $39
Acupressure Foot (30 Minutes / 60 Minutes)$29 / $55
Swedish (60 Minutes)$89
Deep Tissue (60 Minutes)$95
Shiatsu (60 Minutes) $89
Four Hands (60 Minutes) $159
Couples (60 Minutes)$179
Swedish (90 Minutes)$119
Deep Tissue (90 Minutes)$129
Shiatsu (90 Minutes)$129
Four Hands (90 Minutes)$219
Couples (90 Minutes)$239
Swedish / Deep Tissue/ Shiatsu (2 Hours)$172
Add Back Exfolidation/ Hot Oil/ Thai$10
Add Hot Stone $15

Waxing Services

Lip / Ears / Side Burns $12
Eye Brow $19
Under Arms $21
Half Arm$29
Half Leg$35
Half Arms + Fingers $36
Bikini $39
Full Arm $45
Full Leg + Toes$65
Woman Brazilian$65
Man Brazilian$95

Pedicure & Manicure Services

Feet Polish Change$15
Signature Pedicure$39
Paraffin Pedicure$49
Gel Pedicure $59
European Pedicure$65
French Design$6
Callus Remove$6
Hand Polish Change$12
Signature Manicure$26
Hot (Cream or Oil) Manicure$29
Paraffin Manicure$35
Gel Manicure$45
European Manicure$45
Pink & White Fill$50
Pink & White Set$59
Acrylic Fill$45
Acrylic Set$55
Callus Remove $6
Buffer $6
Gel Coat / French Design $6
Nail repair$6 up
Spray Tan$45

Eyelash Extension Services

Classic Eyelash $128
Volume Eyelash$248
Classic Eyelash Fill (within 3 weeks)$65
Volume Eyelash Fill (within 3 weeks)$89
Microblading$550 - $1200

About Suki Day Spa

There is room for exuberance and wonder. does one want to kickstart a replacement mode of life or simply want to stay your body in good shape? Here, you’ll be able to take the chance to relax physically and emotionally. Your body will many thanks. Professional therapy can make it smell and feel wonderful.

In addition, this location offers waxing, massages, manicures, permanent makeup, tanning, eyelash extensions and tattoos.

To get more information about this place, you’ll visit Suki Day Spa is found at 4625 Convoy St, Ste B, San Diego, CA 92111. To schedule a rendezvous, call +1 (619) 338-80-88 during business hours.


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