Roslyn Hair Salon can offer you a replacement beauty parlor experience. Beauty treatments may be truly life-changing, not limited to improving appearance. they permit you to practice self-esteem and reduce pressure.

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Services Offered by The Roslyn Hair Salon

  • Hair cut
  • Hair color
  • Hair Essential
  • Add ones
  • Highlight
  • Balayage
  • Treatments

The Roslyn Hair Salon Prices

The Roslyn Hair Salon Services

Mini Foil$125+
Dimensional Blonding$175
The Full Monte Blonding$225+
olaplex bond perfectors$20
Blonde tipping ends$50
Conditioning treatment$40
Repair treatment$35
Treatment and blow dry$75
Brazilian treatment$250
Root touch up$95+
All over color$125+
Grey blending$175+
Gloss toner refresher$95
Womens haircut$85+
Mens haircut$50
Wash & Blowdry$65+
Event styling$120+
1st row$250
2nd/3rd row$125
Every 6-8 weeks 1st row maintenance$225
For other rows$125

About The Roslyn Hair Salon

They do haircuts here. additionally to working with scissors – a conversation and proposals. Your stylist will expect you to inform them what you wish, how you style, what products you utilize.

Also, this place does hair extensions.

To know more about the salon, you’ll visit Roslyn Hair Salon is found at 1550 Front St #5, San Diego, CA 92101. to create a briefing, call +1 (619) 752-00-65 during business hours.

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