Xplicit Hair Studio can give you a new experience of beauty. Beauty procedures can be life changing, it’s not just about hair and skin rejuvenation. It’s a way to practice self-love and reduce stress.

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Services Offered by Xplicit Hair Studio

  • Blowout Services
  • Coloring Services
  • Hair Treatment Services
  • Products for Sale
  • Bridal Services
  • Hair Extension Services
  • Hairstyling Services
  • Women’s Haircuts

Xplicit Hair Studio Prices

Xplicit Hair Studio Hair Services

Flat Twist$75.00
Wash N Go $65.00
Basic Corn-rolls$65.00
Virgin color$115+
Color touch-up $90.00+
Bantu knots$75.00
Texture Release$145.00
Comb/Finger Twist$75.00
Blow Out only$60.00
Relaxer Touch-up $85+
Virgin Relaxer$120.00
blow dry and flat iron$75.00
Sensitive Scalp $95.00
Fingerwaves/scrunch wave$70.00
Ponytails/ UpDo's $70.00
Precision Hair Cuts$55.00
Trim only$25.00
Virgin Curly Perm$145.00+
Touch-up on new growth$110.00+
Virgin Hair Color$130.00
Color touch up $120.00
Scalp Exfoliation Detox Therapy $45.00
Water Wellness Treatment$15.00
Re-Conditioning Hair Repair$30.00
Ultimate Hair Repair$20.00
Hydration Steam Conditioning$20.00
Ear Piercing$25

About Xplicit Hair Studio

Here is the hairstylist. Hair content is varied: for the most part carbon, 21 percent oxygen, iron, and we also have gold as a small role in human hair. The hair material itself is a perfect treasure. The hairdresser of this place can help you choose a haircut to show you the best light.

Additionally, you can come here for hair extensions and makeup.

For more information about the salon, you can browse Xplicit Hair Studio is located in San Diego, CA 92108, 1450 Frazee Rd. To schedule an appointment, call +1 (619) 294-32-81 during working hours.


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