With the exception of Jenny and Amy, they are all accessible via the “Book an appointment” button on a single booking platform. On the square booking page, you can examine their pricing by selecting “staff” next to “services,” and their prices are listed beneath each stylist.

You can find the booking link for Amy or Jenny under their respective bios on our website. You may have Bangin Hair right away!

Find detailed information about Bangin Hair Salon Prices, Services, Hours, Phone number, Email, holiday hours and Near me locations.

Services Offered by Bangin Hair Salon

  • Blowout Services
  • Hair Extension Services
  • Hairstyling Services
  • Men’s Haircuts
  • Coloring Services
  • Hair Treatment Services
  • Kids’ Haircuts
  • Products for Sale

About Bangin Hair Salon

A group of freelance hairstylists who work together to promote an inclusive environment is known as Bangin Hair Salon. They have created a comprehensive service offering and each set their own hours.

Whether you have already found the stylist of your dreams, click on booking to see if they are available. You are welcome to browse through their biographies to locate someone who is ideal for you.

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